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How to Detox Your Body, Mind, and Home Without Dieting


Detoxing is hot right now, but it goes beyond doing a juice cleanse to lose a few pounds and get glowing skin. You can renew your body, mind, and home any time of year – you don’t have to wait for the seasons to change or a beach vacation where swimsuits are required. [...]

How to Detox Your Body, Mind, and Home Without Dieting2018-04-25T17:05:33-07:00

Gluten-Free Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy


The gluten-free trend is more popular than ever, and many people assume eating gluten-free will automatically make them lose weight, clear up digestive issues, and make their skin glow. Not so fast. When you go gluten-free, the instinct is to replace bread, cookies, and pancakes with gluten-free versions. The problem is that these [...]

Gluten-Free Doesn’t Always Mean Healthy2018-04-25T17:05:33-07:00

How To Take A Technology Time-Out


It seems like there’s another social media platform popping up every day – Periscope, Peach, Yik Yak, Kik – and many more. Yikes! All this social media can be overwhelming. It might be time to take a break from all your technological crutches (yes, that means email too) to give your brain a [...]

How To Take A Technology Time-Out2018-04-25T17:05:33-07:00

Why Gratitude is the Secret Sauce to Health


It’s never a bad time to pause and feel gratitude for everything you have in your life. Gratitude is the foundation of health, because when you appreciate the simple things – like the breeze on your face or the fact that you’re simply alive – it’s much easier to make positive changes toward [...]

Why Gratitude is the Secret Sauce to Health2018-04-25T17:05:33-07:00

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Work


How do you feel about your work? Are you fulfilled and enthusiastic about waking up and going to the office every day, or considering switching careers so you can do work you love? You have two options: A. Learn to love the work you have. B. Find new work you love. Either way, [...]

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Work2018-04-25T17:05:33-07:00

How to Find Your Spiritual Side


Photo: Marina de la Torre At Integrative Nutrition, Joshua teaches that spirituality is a vital part of a person's primary food – what sustains you beyond your plate, like your career, relationships, exercise, and spirituality. Today we’re talking about spirituality. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual; it’s important to get in [...]

How to Find Your Spiritual Side2018-04-25T17:05:33-07:00

4 Running Basics for Beginners


Are you a runner, or do you hate anything that even comes close to a slow jog? Were you forced to run the mile in high school and hated every minute of it, or did you breeze through it like a natural-born marathon runner? Whether you like it or not, running is a [...]

4 Running Basics for Beginners2018-04-25T17:05:34-07:00

6 Ways to Lift Your Mood in Minutes


When you’re in a bad mood, what’s the one thing that snaps you out of it no matter what? What makes you feel amazing on a not-so-great day? One of the key things I learned while studying at Integrative Nutrition is how to fuel myself and refresh my outlook through primary food – the [...]

6 Ways to Lift Your Mood in Minutes2018-04-25T17:05:34-07:00

The Seinfeld Productivity Secret to Achieving Anything


Whether you’re on a journey to lose weight or build your business (or both), the first day of the week can be an overwhelming (even if in a good way) prospect with projects, deadlines, and social engagements looming. But if you shift your perspective, Monday is a perfect day for starting new habits [...]

The Seinfeld Productivity Secret to Achieving Anything2018-04-25T17:06:55-07:00

3 Steps to Reach Your Big Goal


You have big goals and dreams, and it’s so important to keep them in mind as you go through your daily life. It’s also crucial to take specific, high-leverage action weekly to make them a reality. What’s your biggest goal and/or dream in this moment? Write it down now. One of the ways [...]

3 Steps to Reach Your Big Goal2018-04-25T17:05:34-07:00