Set an Intention, Not a Resolution


Is it almost the New Year already? It seems like just yesterday we were setting resolutions, hopeful about accomplishing new goals and making positive changes in our lives. But while we often do our best to stay focused, resolutions don’t often pan out the way we’d like. We lose steam by the end [...]

Set an Intention, Not a Resolution2018-04-25T17:05:33-07:00

3 Steps to Reach Your Big Goal


You have big goals and dreams, and it’s so important to keep them in mind as you go through your daily life. It’s also crucial to take specific, high-leverage action weekly to make them a reality. What’s your biggest goal and/or dream in this moment? Write it down now. One of the ways [...]

3 Steps to Reach Your Big Goal2018-04-25T17:05:34-07:00