Breathing for Stress Reduction


Stressed out? Just Breathe. Photo Credit: It’s been a long day at work, traffic was worse than normal, and you still have a ton of items on your to-do list. How do you deal with the stress that can add up in your life? Some revert to the television, others may work [...]

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The Secret Ingredients of the Mediterranean Table


According to author Georgeanne Brennan, the secret ingredients of the Mediterranean table are olives, anchovies and capers. Her cookbook is titled Olives, Anchovies and Capers: The Secret Ingredients of the Mediterranean Table. Those 3 ingredients, particularly olives for their oil, are indeed special. Now some of you may be thinking “Anchovies?! No thank you!” [...]

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Why You Need a Health Coach


It’s 2017 and we have the most advanced medical technology at our fingertips that’s ever been available, so why are so many people still chronically ill? According to the International Diabetes Federation, there are 387 million people living with diabetes; one in 12 people have diabetes and one in every two affected don’t [...]

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Fight Holiday Fatigue


The year is coming to an end quickly! It's easy to get run down with all the extra things to do for the holidays, like shopping, decorating, sending cards, baking and parties. So, it's important to remember to take some extra good care for yourself! ❤️ Here are some suggestions to fight holiday fatigue: [...]

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#OptOutside on Black Friday


As a Chef and a Health Coach, it's natural for me to think of posting about delicious food or eating healthy, but instead, I'd like to encourage people to #optoutside on the day after Thanksgiving. REI co-op will close its doors again on one of the busiest retail days of year to encourage [...]

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4 Running Basics for Beginners


Are you a runner, or do you hate anything that even comes close to a slow jog? Were you forced to run the mile in high school and hated every minute of it, or did you breeze through it like a natural-born marathon runner? Whether you like it or not, running is a [...]

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